About Multilateralism in Action

Multilateralism in Action

What is Multilateralism in Action? 

Multilateral processes and institutions are engaged in all of today’s major challenges with regard to climate action, human rights, peace, security, humanitarian relief, sustainable development, gender, technology, youth, migration and displacement - to name just a few. 

Multilateralism in Action provides a platform for think-pieces on cutting-edge issues regarding multilateralism and global governance written by leading experts in both practice and research. While the blog includes posts on a diverse array of topics regarding multilateral cooperation, its hallmark is a focus on multilateralism in action. Thus, beyond the analyses of international relations (IR) in a narrow sense, the blog aims to establish a conversation on the determinants, modalities, and outcomes of multilateral activities. This includes both actions at the global level and equally multilateral activities at the regional, national, and sub-national levels. In addition, the blog provides a forum to discuss various aspects of UN reform and features advice on careers in international organizations.

Multilateral processes of interest include the entire United Nations family, Bretton Woods and International Financial Institutions (IFIs), regional organizations, and other forms of multilateral processes.

Multilateralism in Action is hosted by the International Organization and United Nations Studies specialization at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA).


The blog’s principal audiences include:    

  • UN practitioners and experts interested in new content and cutting-edge discussion;
  • Scholars and researchers attracted to innovative ideas, publications & events on multilateralism;
  • University students interested in learning more about international organizations, the UN and global affairs;
  • The media and the general public interested in multilateral cooperation/UN affairs.

Multilateralism in Action publishes stories in a variety of formats, including news stories, opinion pieces, and book reviews.

Who can write for Multilateralism in Action?

SIPA and Columbia faculty, researchers, staff, students, and alumni can write for Multilateralism in Action, provided that the proposed piece fits our editorial requirements. In addition, the blog features posts by SIPA guest speakers, practitioners, or scholars.

What is the process for writing and submitting a blog post?

Before you write a blog post, it is best to pitch your idea to Professor Daniel Naujoks, director a.i. of the IO/UNS specialization at SIPA and the MiA editorial team ([email protected]).

In your pitch please:

  • Summarize the main point of your article in one complete sentence (with subject, verb, and object);
  • Provide other sources of information that may help us understand the story you have in mind, including reports, publications, links;
  • Let us know if there is a specific date (international day, report/book launch, UN debate, etc.) that would be important for the timing of the publication.
  • Add a 60-word short self-description/bio of the author(s) and a headshot.

If the idea is approved, please then submit your draft as a Word document to [email protected]. All blog posts will undergo an editorial process before they are published. 

For more details, please refer to our blogging guide and checklist.